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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Camp Hill Station: mrch1425b

Close up showing the ornate screen to the booking hall andgeneral waiting room

Close up of image 'mrch1425' showing the ornate screen to the concourse booking hall and general waiting room. The screen was constructed with cast-iron columns and a decorate scrolled feature at the top of the windows. The panels at the bottom are constructed in timber with planking placed at an angle to provide a decorative finish. The enamelled signs advertising Melrose Whisky, long since disappeared, were manufactured by J A Jordan & Sons Ltd, Beehive Works, Bilston who manufactured many early 20th century Victorian and Edwardian brands and logos. Sketchley Dye Works were founded in 1885, the company taking it's name from the brook on which it's works was built upon. Founded by Alfred Hawley and HG Clarke and styled AE Hawley & Company Ltd, the company were specialist hosiery bleachers, dyers and finishers. They later moved into french, or what we now call dry, cleaning which proved to be a huge success, setting up branches in most English towns.