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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Harvington Station: mrhv1422

A 1960s view of the station which, with its LMS Standard station name or 'running in board' could have been taken a generation earlier

A 1960s view of the station which, with its standard LMS station name or 'running in board', could have been taken a generation earlier. The station's weighbridge office, which can also been in the undergrowth of image 'mrhv569a', is visible on the left beyond the single storey extension. The unidentified ex-LMS 4-6-0 'Black Five' locomotive entering the station from Redditch would have also been in period but not as likely to be seen on this route as much of the pre-war traffic was handled by ex-MR 0-6-0 locomotives. Mike Byng of the LMS Society writes, 'the running in board is a standard LMSR 'Hawkseye' sign. Full details of which may be seen at page 102 of 'LMS Lineside Volume One' by my LMS Society colleagues the late Roy Anderson and Nelson Twells. The drawing by another LMS Society member, Graham Warburton, states that the background to the sign was off-white inclined towards grey and the area behind the station name would have been Golden Yellow to BS 48 356. These signs lasted a long time until replaced by the BR enamelled totem designs'.