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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Harvington Station: mrhv569a

Close up showing the passing loop, Harvington being the only block post on the line between Broom Junction and Evesham

Close up of image 'mrhv569' showing Harvington goods siding with the weighbridge office and weighbridge on the left. A weighbridge were an important piece of equipment because much of the goods traffic arriving or departing from Harvington would be loose bulk items such as coal or hay. The facilities were open to non-railway customers too although a charge would be made for the service. As can be seen, the single road siding was an extension of the passing loop, a requirement as Harvington was the only block post on the line between Broom Junction and Evesham. The siding has a buffer stop, now overgrown with weeds, constructed from railway sleepers sunk vertically into the ground and then filled with old ballast or similar material. To the right of the sleepered buffer stop was the entrance to the station and access to the booking facilities, there not being an entrance direct to the building from the road.