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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Camp Hill Station: mrch359

Close up showing a typical Midland Railway twin-faced oblique angled 'running in' or station name board

Close up of image 'mrch359' showing a typical Midland Railway double-faced oblique angled 'running in' or station nameboard. They were designed to allow passengers on board trains to see more easily the name of the station they were passing or arriving at. VR Anderson and HN Twells state in LMS Lineside Part One, that they were perhaps the most elaborate nameboards of all pre-grouping railways. They required three vertical posts with a scroll bracket fixed on the centre post in order to support the join between the two faces. In some instances, as seen in image 'mrbj1320a', a second board might be fitted but without the oblique angle being aligned between all three posts.