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GWR Route: Bearley to Alcester

Alcester Station - GWR Views: gwr-mra468

GWR Collett 48xx class 0-4-2T No 4814 with 70 diagram A29 auto trailer No 216 stands in Alcester down platform

A Great Western auto train in Alcester down platform in September 1939, just before a World War closed the branch line for the second time. The white painted platform edges and doorways, and the partially blacked out platform lamp are wartime air raid blackout precautions. The auto train comprises Collett 48xx class 0-4-2T No 4814 with 70’ diagram A29 auto trailer No 216. GWR Tank engine No 4814 was built at Swindon in April 1933, renumbered 1414 in 1946 and withdrawn from Stourbridge shed April 1957. The auto trailer was originally built as steam rail motor No 64 in April 1906, but was converted to trailer No 216 in December 1935 and was condemned in September 1957. As a trailer it could accommodate 77 seated passengers. Notice the totally blacked out luggage compartment windows (see gwr-mra467).

Robert Ferris