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Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection


The miscellaneous section of the site is designed to provide access to a wider range of railway activities as well as providing a central access point to different themes running across all the railways operating in the county. Such themes include engine sheds, industrial railways and colliery lines, the latter two activities being very important as many heavy industrial plants used the railways for receiving material and dispatching goods. The extraction of minerals, in particular coal, was a significant activity in the north of the county resulting in their being many sidings and private railway systems in place. We have also used the miscellaneous section to provide a home for the various mishaps that occurred from time to time on the railway, many of which fortunately did not lead to loss of life or injury. As part of our long term planning, this section is also home to video content. Currently linked to third party websites it is our hope to provide our own platform and to identify and stream video content related to the county's railways.

Engine Sheds

All but the Great Central (LNER) erected engine sheds at various locations throughout the county. Some were very important and therefore very large such as Rugby for the London North Western Railway (LNWR), Saltley for the Midland Railway (MR) and Tyseley for the Great Western Railway (GWR). Other sheds were smaller varying from single engine sheds located at the end of the a branch line such as the GWR's Shipston-on Stour and Alcester branch line sheds or were sub-sheds such Monument Lane for the LNWR, Bournville for the MR. The SMJ being effectively 'a one route' single line company had their only shed in Stratford upon Avon but it was the size of a small sub-shed such as the LNWR's Coventry shed and indeed it became a sub-shed when the SMJ was absorbed into the LMS.

List of Engine Sheds by Railway Company

  Great Western Railway
London North Western Railway
Midland Railway
Stratford Midland Junction Railway

Warwickshire's Industrial Railways & Colliery Lines

This section of the website has been divided into two: Industrial Railways catering for the variety of privately owned lines ranging from Cadbury's railway at Bournville to a variety of cement works and power stations and Colliery Lines which provides information on the many railway locomotives found employed by the region's pits.

Industrial Railways

  Austin Motors Longbridge Works[18]
Avon Bridge Power Station [15]
Birmingham Railway and Carriage Company [15]
Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) and Singer Motors [4]
  Birmingham Gas Works [4]
Bromford Tube Company [11]
Cadbury's Railway [8]
Coventry Gas Works [27]
Edge Hill Light Railway [13]
Ettington Limestone Company [9]
Foleshill Railway [27]
Fort Dunlop Erdington [8]
  Hams Hall Power Station [11]
  Handsworth Power Station [5]
Harbury Cement Works [15]
Industrial Locomotives [32]
Jee's Harts Hill Granite & Brick Company [1]
Joseph Wright and Sons [6]
Kineton Ammunition Depot [12]
  Leamington Priors Gas Company [3]
Long Marston Central Engineer Park (Depot) & Birds Scrap Yard[63]
Longford Power Station [2]
Nechells Power Station [15]
Southam Cement Works [11]

Colliery Lines

  Baddesley Colliery [1]
  Colliery Locomotives [8]
Coventry Colliery [10]
Daw Mill Colliery [5]
Griff Colliery [14]
Haunchwood Colliery [8]
  Newdigate Colliery [40]
  Haunchwood Colliery [1]

Keith Turton's Private Owner Wagons in Warwickshire

  Keith Turton's History of Warwickshire's Industrial Railways, Sidings and Private Owner Wagons [6]

Railway Miscellany

  Experimental Railcars [110]
Film Clips [85]
Mishaps - Railway Accidents [56]
  Operating Equipment & Practices [61]
Railway Art [7 Artists]
Railway Tickets [57]

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