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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection

About Us


It is only right to state at the outset that much of the detailed information given in the captions and not credited directly to a third person is the result of my using many different books and articles in a variety of magazines as the source of my information. My role should therefore only be regarded as that of an editor with the credit for the research and hard work that underpins the information in the captions being given to others. Whilst many works have been consulted, authors that have been very helpful should be acknowledged over and above their mention within the relevant areas of the website. Bob Essery, Richard Foster, John Copsey, Pat Whitehouse, Roger Carpenter, Chris Hawkins and George Reeve, Ted Talbot, Colin Maggs, John Boynton, Bob Pixton and Harry Jack are just some of the authors whose expert knowledge has directly or indirectly contributed to this website. In addition, as will be apparent to anyone perusing the Great Western Railway section of Warwickshire Railways, much of the GWR content has been generated by Robert Ferris who has obtained much material from the Great Western Railway's own official or semi-official material. I would like to thank Robert for his contribution because it has helped to move the website from being yet another photographic website to one which is more researched focused through his detailed and informative text. In addition to the information given on the website are the photographs and other illustrations which provide the backbone of the website. Credit for these is given separately via the navigation link on the left.

Health Warning

We have provided in some of the captions of the photographs of locomotives withdrawal and scrapping dates. Not withstanding the practice by British Railways at the end of steam to re-allocate locomotives only as a paper exercise, there has been great debate on the accuracy of some of the dates of the withdrawals and scrapping of locomotives. Richard Strange writes., 'Some of your caption statements about loco allocations, withdrawals and disposals suffer from reference to the Peter Hands books, although you presumably have nothing else to go by so it is to be expected that many are not quite right or completely wrong. One ought to be able to trust railway researchers. Sadly, in respect of matters like allocations, withdrawals and disposals, almost no original research has been carried out by authors and publishers. They simply reprint what was in contemporary Society magazines or in the Peter Hands books, many of them not even acknowledging their sources. I readily acknowledge that much of what is written about withdrawals and disposals is not incorrect, but believe me, more often than not that is only because the datings are so vague! We no longer include this information when adding new images to the site but there are many captions to image previously uploaded which still include this information. For clarification to users of this website we have used various sources of information including such on-line resources as the 'BR Database' website.

How the Warwickshire Railways website started

I first started to develop the Warwickshire Railways website in early 2005 to help fellow enthusiasts and local historians to research, record and share information on the county's railways. Initially this was to use the information and photographs that I had been collecting since the late 1970s but in the intervening period I have been adding to the collection of photographs both by purchasing more or, more frequently, being given access to other people's collection. I would like to express my thanks to all those that have been kind enough to help who I have credited in the description accompanying each thumbnail image.

In the past I was involved in providing slide shows and talks to interested clubs in the area as well as attending a number of model railway shows displaying a variety of photographs tailored to the show's catchment area. These always provoked great interest in the public as well as detailed comments from fellow enthusiasts. In addition I wrote a weekly column in the Coventry Evening Telegraph as well as assisting a number of authors on the production of railway books. Consequently I decided that I should use the Internet not only as a means of sharing this information to a much larger audience but also in the hope that it will stimulate additional information and contributions. If you too are interested and have information or photographs and would like to share them with others please do not hesitate to contact me.

Initially I concentrated only on populating the site with some very brief captions to the large photographs with the intention of returning later to provide more details both on the station's history as well as providing more informative captions. This was a huge mistake as was not being properly trained in Photoshop or developing a criteria of standards. Consequently having populated the site I am now having to revisit every photograph in order to produce better quality images, to a larger size as well as providing detailed and informative captions. Had I thought this through properly I would now be adding only new content to the site instead of improving the current site. The only consolation is that I am adding some new content when updating each location.

Whilst most of the site is the result of my own efforts others have also been very helpful too, in particular Robert Ferris for his GWR contributions. I therefore reiterate that I welcome other contributions to the site and at any level ranging from simply checking the information published to contributing information and photographs. I am actively encouraging contributions to the captions of the photographs and any information on the route, stations or locations. All information no matter how small will help to build this site into a useful source of information for fellow enthusiasts. The information can vary from brief details on the subject to social history describing the impact of the railway on local people. If quoting from a book or newspaper please include this information so that it can be included in the bibliography. All contributors will be acknowledged and their contributions will be included immediately.. If you wish to participate please email me via warks.railways@outlook.com.

Finally, I would like to thank my son, Alex Musson, for giving up his valuable free time to not only initially design and build the web site - it was a great Christmas present - but to subsequently carry out several major upgrades. As I hope you will agree, Alex has designed a professional and easy to navigate website which has, I believe, the same feel as one expects from the best quality railway books. Alex has his own site showcasing both his professional work and his interest in comedy and writing. For those interested his site can be accessed at www.alexmusson.com. The failure to create an initial specification and to develop my skills in Photoshop were my errors not his and went against his advice. A triumph of impatience over common sense.

Thank you for visiting my website. I would be very pleased if you would spare just a few minutes to add your comments to the Guest Book. It all helps to motivate contributors as well as providing interesting reading to visitors.

The Rogue's Gallery in Alphabetical Order

Extract for the Joint Halesowen Railway from the GWR’s Service Time Table No 12 for 14th July 1916
Joe Brown
Extract for the Joint Halesowen Railway from the GWR’s Service Time Table No 12 for 14th July 1916
John Fancote
Booklet entitled 'Instructions affecting GW Employees when working over the LMS dated July 1945
Robert Ferris
Extract for the Joint Halesowen Railway from the GWR’s Service Time Table No 12 for 14th July 1916
Mike Musson

Other contributors include, Toby Clempson, John Dews, Andy Doherty,John Downing, Reg Kimber, 'Kenton', David Morgan Steve Western, and Pete Whitehead.