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GWR Route: Hatton to Bearley and Alcester Branch Junction

Aston Cantlow: gwrac2300

The road bridge viewed from Aston Cantlow Halte seen on 28th February 1953

The road bridge viewed from Aston Cantlow Halt looking towards Bearley as seen on 28th February 1953. The branch had been closed for some two years when this photograph was taken. The Alcester branch was always a single standard gauge line, but the four overbridges along the route were constructed wide enough for the later installation of a second track. The abutments and attractively curved wing walls were constructed from local Wilmcote grey stone. These supported several parallel iron girders, tied together by a steel rod about two feet out from each abutment. Between the girders red brick arches provided support for the road, while the matching stone parapet walls were constructed directly above the outer girders. Although the route of the line can still be traced at this point, this bridge has been removed as it imposed a weight restriction on White House Hill road.