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GWR Route: Hatton to Bearley and Alcester Branch Junction

Aston Cantlow: gwrac812

Looking towards Great Alne and Alcester with both crippled open wagons and vans stretching in the distance

This 1950s photograph was taken from the over bridge adjacent to Aston Cantlow Halt looking towards Great Alne and Alcester. The platform remains, but the shelter, lamp fittings and station name boards have gone. The branch official closed on 1st March 1951, but the first two miles from Bearley North Junction to the Aston Cantlow river bridge were retained to store surplus, crippled and condemned wagons and vans. When the railways were privatised British Rail was obliged to purchase 544,000 Private Owner Wagons at a compensation cost of £43 million. Most of these wagons were outdated and 20% were under or awaiting repairs. Scenes like this were repeated at sidings and disused branches through out the country.

Robert Ferris