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GWR Route: Hatton to Bearley and Alcester Branch Junction

Aston Cantlow: gwrac813

View showing the platform collapsed following years of neglect with nature starting to reclaim the site

In April 1957 the crippled wagons had gone and the branch was no longer needed as a wagon storage siding. At Aston Cantlow the platform has collapsed following years of neglect and nature has started to reclaim the site. The connections from the Alcester Branch to the North Warwickshire line were finally severed on 28th August 1960 and the track was lifted the same year. In the background is the over bridge from which many of the previous photographs were taken. The abutments and attractively curved wing walls were constructed from local Wilmcote grey stone. These supported iron girders on which the road and matching stone parapet walls were constructed.

Robert Ferris