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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Hockley Station: gwrhd725c

Close up showing the variety of box vans in use by the GWR and the other railway companies

Close up of image 'gwrhd725' showing the large variety of open wagons and box vans in use by the GWR and the other railway companies. The variety of wagons vary from four-plank to six or seven-plank open wagons plus box vans of all shapes and sizes. All of the four railway company wagons are on show the NE having box vans, the LMS with box vans and open wagons, the SR with just open wagons whilst the GWR had both. It is worth noting that not one Private Owner vehicle is in sight, in this close up or indeed the main photograph. The canopy seen attached to the Outwards and Tranship shed has glazed roofing in order to maximise the amount of daylight being available to the yard labourers employed beneath the canopy to load the wagons.