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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington Spa Station: gwrls1666

A scan of an original Goods consignment notice from 1933 for the return of an empty PO wagon

A scan of an original Goods consignment notice from 1933. Each of the thousands of transactions, which occurred daily on the railway, were documented. This particular notice deals with the return of an empty Private Owner wagon, owned by Lush (No 15), from Salisbury to Leamington Spa (GW) for repairs by Wagon Repairs Ltd. Wagon Repairs Ltd had a repair depot (ref. No 119) on the Old Warwick Road in Leamington (Tel. Leamington No 56), which was one of their network of 7 main repair works and 247 repair depots across England and Wales, however unlike some of their repair depots at other locations which had private sidings, there is no record of them having a private siding at Leamington in the official Railways Clearing House (RCH) Handbook of 1929. The journey took two days, with the stamp indicating that the instruction was initiated at Salisbury on 14th September 1933 and the initials 'MJ' confirming receipt on 16th September 1933. Also detailed on the consignment note is the wagon's previous loaded journey from Coventry Colliery to Salisbury. Lush is a common name in Hampshire, but it seems likely that this particular wagon belonged to the Cosmetics and Soap Manufacturer of that name, whose factory is still based in the town.

Robert Ferris