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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington Spa Shed: gwrls2090

An internal view of Leamington station's new shed opened by the Great Western in 1906

An internal view of Leamington station's new shed opened by the Great Western in 1906.

Extract from Great Western Magazine Vol. XVIII. No.11 November 1906
Engine Sheds by A.J.L. White

In the November, 1905 issue, mention was made that a new engine shed was in course of construction at Leamington. This is now completed and was opened on September 10th. It is built on the ‘straight’ road principle; is 180 feet by 66 feet (inside dimensions), and will accommodate about twelve tender or twenty-four tank engines. The roof is of the ordinary trussed type, with principals of 30 feet span, as in the case of the Old Oak Common Shed; the height from rail level to shoe of principal being 18 feet. On the eastern side of the shed are situated the offices for foremen and clerks, also stores, fitting shop, enginemen's and cleaners’ messrooms and lavatories. Inside the shed there are four pits, each 160 feet long, and in the yard, a 65 feet turntable of the under-girder type has been installed. The coal stage, 32 feet by 30 feet, has open ‘single’ tip and is placed on the eastern side of the shed. In accordance with standard practice, a water tank has been built on the top of the coal stage. It has a capacity of 45,000 gallons, and will supply the yard and the building.
A separate building is allotted to the sand furnace, which is placed near the shed, and is approached by a road from the turntable. Four outside pits, each 40 feet long, are placed in the roads leading to the shed. There is also a pit 120 feet long in front of the coal stage, and another 40 feet long in the turntable approach. The lighting will be by the means of incandescent gas. For facility of reference, the buildings are summarised below:-

Engine Shed 180’ x 66’
Span of Principals 30’
Height of Shoe 18’
Walls 1’ 1.5”
Stores 50’ x 14’
Fitting Shop 33’ x 14’
Engineer’s and Cleaner’s Messroom 40’ x 14’
Offices etc 32’ x 14’
Lavatories 11’ x 14’
Coal Stage 30’ x 32’
Tank Capacity 45,000 gallons
Sand Furnace 12’ x 10’
Bunker 14’ x 7’
Total area of buildings (approx.) 15,500 sq. ft.

The old engine shed, a wooden structure, 237 feet by 20 feet by 23 feet, was totally destroyed by fire in March 1902.

Robert Ferris