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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington South Junction: gwrls3939

Aerial Photograph of the southern approaches in 1937 showing the L&NWR and GWR parallel lines with the link line between them

Aerial Photograph of the southern approaches to Leamington in 1937. The L&NWR and Great Western Railway run parallel across the photograph with the link line between them.

In the foreground is the Eagle Works owned by ‘Flavel's of Leamington’. Flavels made cast iron kitchen ranges, fireplaces, gas heaters and other appliances. The Flavel family had moved their foundry from Bilton, near Rugby to the Eagle Works in 1803. Until 1914 the company was named, ’Sidney Flavel & Co’. There was no rail connection provided to the Eagle Works, which had been built adjacent to the canal prior to the coming of the railway and had a wharf. ‘Flavel's of Leamington’ also owned the Imperial Stove Works on the other side of Leamington. This had a private siding from the Great Western Railway's down goods yard.

Robert Ferris