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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington Carriage Sidings: gwrls3957

Two GWR internal letters from the Superintendent of the Line to Birmingham Division Superintendent about the provision of water in the carriage sidings at Leamington

Two Great Western Railway internal letters from Mr J Morris (Superintendent of the Line at Paddington) to Mr SF Johnson (Birmingham Division Superintendent based at Snow Hill Station) about the provision of water in the carriage sidings at Leamington:

The first internal letter dated 7th July 1909, urgently asks if the provision of a water supply for the carriage sidings was included by the Engineer.

The second internal letter dated 13th July 1909 indicates that Mr Johnson had replied on the 12th July stating that the provision of water for the carriage sidings had not been included. In this letter Mr Morris reasonably surmises that water should be available in the adjacent Locomotive Shed and suggests Mr Robinson is asked about the implications involved in extending the shed's water facilities to the proposed carriage sidings. He indicates that water would required for filling the lavatory tanks and that therefore this should be drinking water. He also says that he could foresee water being required for cleaning the carriages in these sidings in the future. A hand written note on the letter indicates that Mr Robinson would draw up a plan, to show the locations of the required water hydrants, which would be ready on the morning of Friday 16th July.

Robert Ferris