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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington South Junction: gwrls3967

An internal letter, dated 24th January 1908, from the GWR Superintendent of the Line the Divisional Superintendent at Birmingham Snow Hill regarding the proposed direct junction

An internal letter from Mr J Morris (Superintendent of the Line at Paddington) to Mr E Murphy (Divisional Superintendent based at Birmingham Snow Hill) regarding the proposed direct junction to the L&NWR line at Leamington South.

This letter dated 24th January 1908 confirms the agreed ticketing arrangements associated with the new South Wales and East Coast through passenger service. In particular, as these trains would not call at the L&NWR Leamington (Avenue Road) station, it had been agreed that the L&NWR would supply tickets to the Great Western Railway's staff at Leamington (GW) Station for passengers joining the east-bound trains at Leamington. Mr Morris then refers to Mr E Murphy's local discussions with Mr Lewdnes (L&NWR), pointing out that various agreements already existed in Joint Officer's Conference minutes to cover his concerns regarding both; the sharing of receipts and apportionment of liabilities.

Robert Ferris