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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington South Junction: gwrls3969

Two letters, dated 4th June 1909 and 9th July1909, from the GWR’s Superintendent of the Line to the Divisional Superintendent at Birmingham regarduing the reopening of the junction

Two internal letters from Mr J Morris (Superintendent of the Line at Paddington) to Mr SF Johnson (Divisional Superintendent at Birmingham Snow Hill), regarding the reopening of the Junction between the Great Western Railway and L&NWR at the south end of Leamington.

The first letter dated 4th June 1909 confirms that the junction is required again for the cross-country through passenger express service from Cardiff to Yarmouth during the summer of 1909 (from 16th July to 30th September). The letter confirms that while out of use the junction points had been clipped and padlocked, while a diagonal white cross had been fixed to the up Home Signal to indicate that this signal was out of use. The second letter dated 9th July 1909 states that the arrangements in operation during the summer of 1908 were to be repeated during the summer of 1909.

Robert Ferris