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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington South Junction: gwrls3970

Two letters, dated 9th October 1909 and 29th August 1910, sent to the GWR’s Divisional Superintendent at Birmingham regarding the junction

Two internal letters to Mr SF Johnson (Divisional Superintendent at Birmingham, Snow Hill) regarding the Leamington South Junction.

The first letter dated 9th October 1909 from Mr J Morris (Superintendent of the Line at Paddington) is regarding the closing notice for this junction. This confirms that it was intended to close this junction at the end of the 1909 summer season. The second letter dated 29th August 1910 from Mr AT Blackall (Chief Signal & Telegraph Engineer at Reading) refers to the connection of Distant Signals at the junction, inferring that this junction was operational despite the South Wales to East Coast passenger service ceasing in September 1909 after its second summer season.

Robert Ferris