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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Small Heath and Sparkbrook Station: gwrsh1326b

Close up showing the down goods yard and sidings with the 20 ton travelling gantry crane lifting cable drums

Close up of image 'gwrsh1326' showing Small Heath down goods yard and sidings on 18th July 1963 with the 20 ton electrically powered travelling gantry crane being used to lift cable drums from open wagons. This crane was designed and built by SH Heywood and Company Ltd and was brought into use in March 1925 (see GWR Goods Department circular – 'gwrsh3158'). The crane was one of the first electrically powered travelling gantry cranes to be installed and an illustrated article was published in 'The Engineer', which has been reproduced at 'smallheath_crane'.