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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Soho and Winson Green: gwrswg1572b

A close up of the external sidings in the goods depot, showing the concrete apron roads in more detail

A close up of image 'gwrswg1572' showing the external sidings in the goods depot, and the concrete apron roads in more detail. There was over 55,000 sq feet of concrete in the 90,000 sq foot yard. The remaining area was recorded as being granite sets laid on a 9 inch concrete base. In August 1929, the Great Western Railway issued Information pamphlet No 4 called ‘Hints on the Management of a Goods Station’, in the forward it stated: ‘What is the prime function of a Goods Agent; and to what end is the efficient administration of a Goods Station directed? The reply can be summarised in two words :- GET TRAFFIC! – The more traffic carried, the less it costs to carry. Activity in railway business, no less than in other spheres of commercial activity, begets efficiency of service. Under the Railways Act of 1921 increased traffic may mean lower railway rates; a factor which must establish a circle of success. Therefore, first and foremost GET TRAFFIC.’

Robert Ferris