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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Soho and Winson Green: gwrswg3210

A 1913 Ordnance Survey map of the GWR's Soho and Winson Green station with four platforms in place

A 1918 Ordnance Survey map of Soho & Winson Green station on the right of the plan. On the left, to the north-west of the station, is the station’s Goods Depot which opened in January 1910. There was a trailing connection from the up and down Relief lines at each end of the four exchange sidings which ran parallel to the main lines. The exchange sidings were also connected to the goods line which ran behind Soho & Winson Green station to Great Western Railway’s main Birmingham Goods Depot at Hockley. This goods line gave access to the Soho & Winson Green Goods Depot, which had six dead-end sidings, where the coal and mineral traffic could be transferred to road vehicles for delivery. The 15 ton Cart Weighbridge can be seen (marked W.M.) adjacent to the Handsworth New Road entrance.

Robert Ferris