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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

Tyseley Shed: gwrt306

GWR 4-6-0 King class No 6006 'King George 1' is seen standing on one of tTyseley shed's coaling roads as it takes on water

GWR 4-6-0 King class No 6006 'King George I' is seen standing on one of Tyseley shed's coaling roads as it takes on water circa 1931. Bill Perrin writes, 'May I point out one possible mistake in the above photo of King Class locomotive No 6006 'King George I' which is shown to have been taken on Tyseley shed. I don't think this could have been taken at Tyseley. The coal stage shown in the background of the loco is not of the design of Tyseley's coal stage. I think this photo was taken either at Stafford Road or Old Oak Common'. Derek Dean writes 'I contacted your good self some time back to say that I agreed with Bill Perrin in saying that the location for the image gwrt306 was not Tyseley depot, but I stand to be corrected, because it most surely IS Tyseley shed yard showing the far end of the coaling stage. Richard Postill has posted a photo to you [gwrt2362] which just shows the tail end of the brick arches and also the site map of the shed does show that there is no earth mound at that end. I must have visited Tyseley many times in my youth riding my trusty bicycle and never noticed that the coaling stage was so large an affair, possibly I only had eyes for the locomotives and, of course, we never had a camera back then, so well done to all those marvellous photographers who were able and willing to capture these images for our further enjoyment, while the historical value of the photos is immeasurable.'. Built at Swindon works to Lot 243 in February 1928 it remained in service until February 1962 when it became the first King class locomotive to be withdrawn, in this instance, from Stafford Road shed in Wolverhampton to be scrapped in March 1962 at Swindon works.

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