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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

Tyseley Shed: gwrt320

The GWR Rule Book, produced in 1933, requiring staff to take proper care of themselves and others

In January 1933, the Great Western Railway introduced a new Rule Book, which contained the general safety provision in Rule 11 (a) No employee shall expose himself to danger, and he must prevent as far as possible such exposure on the part of other employees, and spare no opportunity of warning those who neglect to take proper care. Although the Rule book contained specific details and responsibilities necessary to achieve safe railway operation, certain Company activities were not included in either the Rule Book or General Appendix to the Rule Book. The potential for serious or fatal accidents to occur if a locomotive was moved when other staff were working on or in the vicinity of it, was a particular area of concern. Lubricating and cleaning activities would often involve staff being unavoidably in positions that could be dangerous and the company therefore introduced additional Rules specifically for Drivers, Firemen and all Employees working in or about Locomotives Engine Sheds or Shed Sidings. This document was issued at the same time as the new Rule Book and details staff responsibilities and the procedures necessary to maintain safety.

Robert Ferris