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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

GWR Route: North Warwickshire Line

Tyseley Shed: gwrt3913

Drawing showing the water arrangements at Tyseley Locomotive Shed from water piped from Hockley Goods Depot

Drawing showing the water arrangements at Tyseley Locomotive Shed. Water was piped from the pumped wells at Hockley Goods Depot (see 'gwrhd3891') alongside the main line, via Snow Hill Station and Tunnel (see 'gwrbsh2598') to the 143,030 gallon water tank above the coaling stage at Tyseley. This tank was divided into two equal sections to enable tank cleaning and maintenance, without interrupting the supply of water to the facilities in the Locomotive Shed. From this water tank a secondary system distributed the water to four water-cranes in the Locomotive Shed yard and to the various buildings. The water was not pumped, but relied on the head of water in the raised water tank. Large diameter (twelve inch with eight inch branch) pipes supplied the water-cranes, so that water pressure to the other facilities was not significantly reduced when locomotive tenders and tanks were being filled from these water-cranes.

In addition to the large diameter pipes to the four water-cranes (which also supplied water to wash out the Engine Pits) the water tank supplied:

  • The Locomotive Shed, where eight inch diameter water ring mains circled around the two turntables, suppling a total of 48 Hydrants and 41 Standpipes (see 'gwrt2993') within the shed, plus connections to the two Sand Furnaces, Smith’s Shop and WC.
  • The Lifting Shop via a six inch diameter pipe.
  • A four inch diameter pipe to various externally located Hydrants and 80 Standpipes around the site.
  • Connection to Offices and Hydrants.
  • Connection to Stores and Mess-room.

Robert Ferris