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Building the last Main Line Railway

Catesby Tunnel and Viaduct: gcrcs182

View of the timber head gear and winding cable for Pit Shaft No 7

View of the timber head gear and winding cable employed during the sinking of Pit Shaft No 7. Catesby Tunnel in Northamptonshire was the largest tunnel on the London Extension, and required several shafts to be sunk in order to excavate it fully. The pole with steps leading to the 'Y' at the top was installed as a safety feature because it supported the winding rope and prevented it from being tangled on the ground when slack. The head gear is partially screened by wooden planking, while in front of it stands several mineral and tipping wagons. The wagon on the right is lettered 'T O & Son' indicating its owner as being Thomas Oliver - the contractor responsible for this section of the line.