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GWR Route: Banbury to Wolverhampton

Leamington Carriage Sidings: gwrls3959

Two GWR internal letters from the Superintendent of the Line to Birmingham Division Superintendent the carriage sidings at Leamington

Two Great Western Railway internal letters from Mr J Morris (Superintendent of the Line at Paddington) to Mr SF Johnson (Birmingham Division Superintendent based at Snow Hill Station) about the carriage sidings at Leamington:

The first internal letter dated 10th December 1909, identifies that there were some problems with the purchase of the additional land required for the head shunt at the far end of the carriage sidings (see internal letter gwrls3958). According to the British Railways survey plan (gwrls3955) it was not until over a year later that deed No 20376 (dated 7th February 1911) confirmed the conveyance of the land to the Great Western Railway from Mrs Alice M Willes.

The second internal letter dated 13th July 1910, is regarding the provision of a corrugated iron hut for the staff allocated to the Leamington carriage sidings. In 1928, the coach cleaning staff at Leamington included; one foreman and ten carriage cleaners.

Robert Ferris