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Keith Turton's Private Owner wagon's in Warwickshire

Photograph Reference: Misc_kt347

Alfred Jukes of Camp Hill Wharf Wahon No 29 built by Gloucester RC&WCo


Jukes was born in 1827 and entered the coal trade circa 1870 after trading as a shopkeeper. In was in that year that his first wagon purchase from SJ Claye of Long Eaton took place. That the order was for twelve wagons is an indication that he started off his new enterprise with a fanfare of trumpets! A further six followed in the same year from the Midland RC&WCo,, who supplied another ten in 1872. Twenty-eight wagons in the first two years of trading sounds like a spectacular start and there were more to come: six more came from Claye in 1893. Alfred died in 1900, and the business was carried on for a further two years by his widow Emma. In the background from an early date was one William Pearson, who must have had some involvement in the business either as a partner or financier, and was apparently in charge when three wagons, including that illustrated, were purchased from the Gloucester RC&WCo. in 1910 and another four in the following year. The company was still trading in 1936… Wagon No 25 has seven planks, which includes a narrow plank at the top , with side doors and a folding flap door above each side door. Colour is dark red with white shaded letters. It also has inside diagonals and measures 16'0" x 7'6" x 4'0".

Photograph Gloucester RC&WCompany, Caption: Keith Turton