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Keith Turton's Private Owner wagon's in Warwickshire

Photograph Reference: Misc_kt349

WJ Busby & Son of Camp Hill Wagon No 7 built by Gloucester RC&W Company


William Joseph Busby was born in 1854 and in 1881 lived ni Mosley Road, Bordesley. His son Wilfred Edgar was three years old at the time. By 1900 he would have been trading in coal, for in that year two new wagons were purchased fromt he Long Eaton wagon builder S. J. Claye . These were typical 5-plank 8-ton with side doors. In 1910 they were sent to the Gloucester RC&EWCo to be rebuilt by the addition of two further planks, with a folding plank above each side door, the alterations clearly visible in the accompanying illustration. Note that, typical of all Gloucester-built wagons with the folding side door, that the top plank is a narrow one. Two further wagons were supplied by the Gloucester company in the same year, followed by further four reconditioned wagons in the following year. That illustrated appears to be painted dark grey with white shaded letters. Upon William's death the company continued under Wilfred Busby's direction until at least 1923, when he relinquished the coal trade to become a cabinet maker. Four years later he was declared bankrupt and the company dissolved.

Photograph: Gloucester RC&WCoCaption: Keith Turton