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Miscellaneous: Operating Equipment & Practices

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Great Western Railway General Appendix to the Rule Book the charges to be made for rectifying damage to coaches

Damage to carriage windows appears not to have been uncommon occurrence on the railway and the Great Western Railway listed in their General Appendix to the Rule Book the charges to be made for rectifying this damage. Updates to the charges were detailed on circulars such as the one shown (issued in June 1916) or in amendment circulars to the General Appendix. In October 1920 the charge to be collected from a person responsible for the breakage of a door light was detailed in the General Appendix as 11s 6d (eleven shillings and six pence), but a subsequent amendment circular dated July 1926 (GA12) specified that the charges would in future be only 10s (ten shillings) for an ordinary door light or 7s 6d (seven shillings and six pence) for an internal corridor door light. These same charges were also applicable in August 1936 according to the revised General Appendix that came into operation on that date.

The attached memo refers to an incident on coach No 5412 on the 5.10pm Birmingham to Knowle train. This coach was a standard sixty foot long bow ended, ganged corridor coach with eight third-class compartments. This coach was one of fifty-four diagram C62 coaches built under lot 1477, which were completed in July 1932. The running numbers were Nos 5393 – 5446.

Robert Ferris