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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection

Make Warwickshire Railways a better resource of information

How you can play your part

You can help by either providing information, photographs, maps or other documents or, as importantly, a financial contribution which allows us to purchase more material. Financial contributions can be made via the DONATE button on the right. All donations, large and small, are very welcome and we list all contributors at Supporters of Warwickshire Railways. In addition to the above, you could help by pointing out any errors we may have made or typographical mistakes or broken links. We want visitors using the website to not only benefit from the content but to also enjoy their experience.

The more accurate information placed on this site the more useful and informative it will be. Contributions of any kind are important in developing the quality of this site ranging from checking the accuracy of the published information, noting typographical errors and identifying broken links to providing detailed information and photographs. If you want to play a part please do not hesitate to contact us at the link below. If you need advice on what we are looking for some we have provided some guidelines below.

Advice on making a contribution

Proofing existing captions

We inevitably make mistakes especially when we are processing scores of photos at one time. In addition, the original information provided to us may have been incorrect or misread when creating the caption. In one or two cases we have noticed instances where duplicate photographs have had different information on their reverse side.

If you note any errors or failed link please advise us by email to warks.railways@outlook.com. With ultimately several thousand photographs on the site it would help us enormously if you could note any error(s) under the station/shed/subject heading and state the image number, e.g. gwrfc82, lnwra19, miscfr006 etc. These appear at the top of the large photograph or image.

Writing a new or improved caption

Before providing guidelines it would perhaps be useful to say that we recognise that our current captions are not perfect because, as stated elsewhere, with our emphasis being on uploading photographs, few have anything other than a brief note. The few photos with lengthy captions often contain information which might have been better provided in a more detailed and comprehensive article. Captions should address the detail in the photograph. If its a view of an engine then the number, name are the most basic details required. Further information on the time, date, location and working are also useful in fleshing out detail relating to the subject. Build/scrapping dates, number/name changes together with class information further strengthens the information to the reader. In non-locomotive views the most basic information should state, what is the viewer looking at, when, orientation (the direction of view), information on specific items of interest contained within the photograph and other related matters. If expressing an opinion or information which is not 100% certain use a phrase such as "I believe" or "it is thought" as it is important we do not portray conjecture as fact.


It is our intention to provide detailed information on the history of the railway companies, their routes, stations, sheds and the railways impact on the local community. Not only are we limited by the time we have available for developing all parts of the web site but we are also amateur not professional historians and therefore our resources and knowledge is limited. All contributions are most welcome to help us to develop this aspect of the site. Written material will be placed at the appropriate point on the web site. This might be a brief factual account, such as an event at a station or the recording of major events in its history. This information would be placed on the page with the thumbnail photographs. A longer or more detailed account would be given its own page linked from the subject's home page with images or photographs included or linked to the article.

To make a contribution please contact us on warks.railways@outlook.com.

Thank you for visiting our pages. We would be very pleased if you would add to the new Guest Book we are keeping!