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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection


Photographs Required

Please do not assume that just because we have a large number of photographs of one location or subject we do not need more. Additional photographs would always be welcomed simply because each photograph is a precious snap-shot of time which can never be recaptured. Someone is always looking for information, often very specific, and it just might be your photograph(s) that will provides the answer. We hope you have enjoyed looking at the site and appreciate what we are trying to do in keeping memories alive of subjects often long gone. We can only make this site better with the help of other people so if you have or know where we could find more photographs please email us at Photographs Wanted.

We have a number of locations where we have few, if any, photographs and therefore are desperate for any photographs whatever their condition. You may rest assured that your photographs cannot be pirated via this, or indeed any other web site, because the format of an image on the Internet is significantly different to a 'normal' scanned digital image. Whilst the file size of a web photograph would be 35 to 100 KB, the equivalent size of a digital image suitable for printing a high quality definition photograph would need to be 3.5 MB, some 1000 times greater. This means that the quality of a print downloaded from any web site would not be of sufficient quality for it to be resold as an original image.

For anyone wishing to assist in developing this site by proving information, writing articles or reporting broken links etc please see our Contributions page.

All photographs received will remain the copyright of the source or photographer. If scanned images cannot be sent we would be able to visit and scan the photographs at your home. Acknowledgments will be made both in the list of photographers as well as on the thumbnail image as can be seen.