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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection

Commercial Sources of Photographs

Please note that 'Warwickshire Railways' does NOT sell any of the photographs on this website and that we host such information as a gesture of goodwill to the many photographic sources who have kindly given their support to Warwickshire Railways. To order any photograph you need to contact the address or website on this page with the appropriate description or, where available, the photograph reference number.

The following are contact details of suppliers of photographs and slides. Please remember that most sources are not from commercial organisations but private individuals. As such their time is often very limited, as is their ability to pay postage in response to speculative requests, so please do enclose a stamped address envelope if you expect a response. Warwickshire Railways do not accept any responsibility for any issue, financial or otherwise, arising from a visitor to this website contacting any of the organisations or people listed below.

Stewart Blencowe

Stewart generally hold in stock some 10,000 black & white postcard-sized photographs featuring the Big Four locomotives, pre-grouping locomotives, infrastructure, rolling stock, diesels and overseas steam. Many are from his own negative collection and can only be acquired direct from him. Stewart has recently purchased a huge number of pre-1948 black & white photographs, sorted by region. He is able to supply these, and all photographs, in batches of 100 ON APPROVAL, if postage is refunded. Contact Stewart for the region you require.

In addition Stewart has a large collection of overseas photographs taken from the 1970's onward. These have come from a sadly deceased enthusiast. Quality prints on double-weight paper, these are one-offs, as the negatives are assumed lost. Particularly strong on Cuba. Can also be sent on approval.

Stewart attends exhibitions as he sells books as well. He is RK Blencowe's brother. New stock arrives monthly and a sample selection is shown here. Postcard size prints can be ordered at £1.50 each including packing and postage.

How to Buy

Order items by quoting stock number, author, title and price by:
Email: stewart.blencowe@btopenworld.com or
Phone 01452 412724 or write to
67 Tuffley Avenue

Contact website: www.stewartblencowe.co.uk.

Bluebell Railway Museum

The first collection made available was The John J Smith collection. John Smith took many thousands of black and white railway photographs between about 1950 and 1960. In January 2011 The Colin Hogg collection was added. This collection added over one thousand black and white images available for purchase. At present, this collection covers mainly the Southern area although the Bluebell Railway Museum hope to add other areas later. See www.bluebell-railway-museum.co.uk/archive/photos/index.htm

British Railway Photographs

Home to a collection of more than 100,000 railway photographs from across Britain. Visit www.britishrailwayphotographs.com or contact:

Steve Davies
51 Eagleswell Road
Llantwit Major
Cf61 2UG
Tel: 01446 790070
Mobile: 07894 994081
Please do not call before noon
email: brphotographs@hotmail.co.uk or email: therailwaynegativeman@live.co.uk

Roger Carpenter

Roger's extensive collection of photographs is now supplemented by other collections. Photographic collections from Bob Essery, Pat Whitehouse, Joe Moss, Clarence Gilbert, Peter Glenn and the Mile Post 92½ Picture Library are also available from Roger. His contact details are:

Roger Carpenter
407 Highters Heath Lane
B14 4TR

All the associated costs of purchasing photographs from Roger are the same as Lens of Sutton, copies of which he too supplies by post or via exhibitions.

Colour Rail

See seperate link for details, lists and costs: Colour Rail

Coventry Libraries Services

Local Studies Library
Central Library
Smithford Way
Tel + 44 (0) 24 7683 2336
Text Tel + 44 (0) 24 7683 2395
Fax + 44 (0) 24 7683 2440
Email central.library@coventry.gov.uk

Prints can be ordered by browsing the web site database and placing items into your shopping basket. Once you have finished shopping you can review the items in your basket and proceed to the order form. The order form can either be printed out and sent with a cheque/Postal Order or ordered securely on-line using a debit/credit card.

English Heritage

English Heritage Photo Library
23 Savile Row
Tel: +44 (0)20 7973 3338/9
Fax: +44 (0)20 7973 3027
e-mail: photo.library@english-heritage.org.uk
The Photo Library is open by appointment only.

Tony Harden

Mr Harden has prints of a wide range of railway subjects available. Contact him, preferably by email and he will send you small images by email of any photographs in his collection. Prints can then be ordered of any that are of interest to you.

Tony Harden
19 Arbury Way
Email: tonyharden@btinternet.com.

Historical Model Railway Society

See seperate link for details, lists and costs: Historical Model Railway Society

Industrial Railway Society

Full details of the photographs from the IRS collection can be found on their website www.irsociety.co.uk. Click on Kevin Lane’s Photo Service at the bottom of the left hand column. The individual photographers’ work that is currently available is listed. Prints can be ordered from the website.

Kevin Lane
15 Beech Green
Telephone: 01582 601 458
Email: kevin-lane@hotmail.co.uk .

Kidderminster Railway Museum Photograph Archive

See seperate link for details, lists and costs: KRM Photo Archive

Lens of Sutton

See seperate link for details, lists and costs: Lens of Sutton

Milepost 92½

Milepost 92½ is a professional specialist picture library and photographers to the railway industry. They are based in the UK and have over 500,000 railway images and more than 30 years of photographic experience. The Milepost organisation is unique. It is completely dedicated to supporting railways around the world and houses the most comprehensive collection of railway images in the UK, both modern and archive, British and world-wide. It is lead by world famous railway photographer Colin Garratt. They undertake photographic commissions and their professional railway photographers will shoot pictures to your exact requirements. Milepost 92½ are Bapla members, link-up registered and PTS certified.

Milepost 92½
Newton Harcourt
Telephone +44 (0)116 2592068
E-mail: contacts@milepost92-half.co.uk

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum
Leeman Road
YO26 4XJ
01904 621261
24 hour info line 01904 686286
fax: 01904 611112
email: nrm@nmsi.ac.uk

Photos From the Fifties

Mr Davies also organises his collection by means of a list of lists and it would seem that all his photographs are in these documents. Regular updates are also issued. Mr Davies stresses that his organisation is not a business but a hobby that got out of hand! This means that response times may be longer than he would like. Prints from this collection are also sometimes available at shows.

Photos From The Fifties
32 Charterhouse Road
Telephone: 01483 416 357
Email: hugh_davies@btinternet.com.

The Transport Treasury

The Transport Treasury can supply thousands of photographs taken by an extensive list of renown photographers and at competitive prices. Visit www.transporttreasury.co.uk for further details, lists and costs.


See seperate link for details, lists and costs: Rail-Online

Travel Lens Photographic

If you wish to register your interest, write to Mr Wilson, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope and he will contact you. The content of the collection is not currently known but it does include photographs by Vic Nutten.

Tony Wilson
Travel Lens Photographic
Flat 4
4 Merton Bank
Isle of Man
IM1 3DG.

Adrian Vaughan

Adrian is a well known railway author who has acquired an extensive collection of photographs, many of which he has made available for sale. They include a wide variety of pictures from many Railway Companies and BR Regions and include locomotives, signalling, GWR architecture etc. Contact Adrian by email or post to enquire if he has the image you are seeking.

Adrian can produce prints which are hand made in a traditional darkroom and a 7"x5" or 8"x6" print will cost £3.

13 The Street
NR21 0NB

E-mail: ahvaughan@btinternet.com

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