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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection

How to navigate this site

This site has been designed for people using MS Explorer version 5 or later. The photographs are best viewed using one of the new TFT flat screens which provide a significantly brighter screen than the older "TV" type monitors. Broadband connection is beneficial because of the number and size of the photographs. As the site is being built for the long term we trust that visitors with an older specification will accept these short comings.

To navigate around the site use the six headings (HOME, LMS, GWR, LNER, MISC and About) to select a subject. Clicking on any of these six headings (the photograph or text on the home page) will take you to the section page. Each section has a number of route or location links on the left of the screen that allows access to a given route or location page.

The route page will provide links in a sequential listing of the stations along the route. In a few instances, where there is more than one interest at that location e.g. an MPD/Shed in addition to the station, then the subsidiary locations provide the links.

Each station/location page will have the route(s) its associated with at the top of the page that acts as a link back to the route page. As an alternative, to the left of the screen are all the section's route links.

The thumbnail photographs or the "image reference" acts as a link to the larger photograph. To return to the thumbnails from the larger image, use the "back" link, below and to the right of the caption.

At some stations where there are a large number of photographs at one location, a thematic link has been included above the thumbnail photographs. These allow access to further photographs on the location/theme. This is to minimise the down load time of the thumbnail page.

Thank you for visiting our pages. We would be very pleased if you would add to the new Guest Book we are keeping!