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LMS Route: Evesham to Birmingham

Cofton Farm Station Cofton Tunnel

Cofton Farm Station

Cofton Farm station initially opened as a temporary terminus of the Birmingham & Gloucester Railway on 17th October 1840. The B&GR were compelled to open the railway in stages, each with its own temporary terminus, reflecting the paucity of investment, the ground conditions in the Cofton area and the need to generate revenue as quickly as possible. Cofton Farm was the teminius for the second stage on the line from Gloucester to Birmingham. The stages were:

  • Cheltenham to Bromsgrove and the Tewkesbury branch opening on 24th June 1840.
  • Bromsgrove to Cofton opening on 17th September 1840.
  • Cofton to Camp Hill opening on 17th December 1840.
  • Camp-Hill to the London and Birmingham Railway's terminus at Curzon Street opening on 17th August 1841.

When the line to Camp Hill opened the temprary station closed on 17th December 1840 but approximately one year, during November 1841, it later it reopened. The traffic levels must have been disappointing because the station only remained operational for just two years closing during December 1843.