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LMS Routes

GWR & LMS Joint Route: Halesowen to Northfield Railway

The line between Halesowen and Halesowen Junction near Northfield was built as an independent line jointly operated by the Great Western and Midland Railways. A Great Western and Midland Railways Joint Committee ran the line from 2nd May 1894. The Great Western allowed the Joint Railway the use of their Halesowen station at a rent of £250 per annum. The railway was jointly vested in both companies from 30th June 1906. The Midland ran passenger trains from Northfield to Halesowen until 1919 and the GWR ran passenger trains from Old Hill to Rubery until 1886. both railways ran goods services especially during the building of the Birmingham Corporation's Frankley reservoir and Elan aqueduct at the turn of the century. Both owners ran unadvertised workman's trains to Longbridge from towards the end of the First World War until September 1958 for the GWR/Western Region, and January 1960 for the MR/LMS/Midland Region.

Robert Ferris

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