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LMS Route: Birmingham - Soho Road- Perry Barr - Birmingham

Handsworth Wood Station: lnwr_hw2282

View of Handsworth Wood station in 1933 when it had been down graded to Halt status

View of Handsworth Wood station in 1933 after it had been down graded to an unmanned Halt status. At first glance the train on the left appears to be running wrong road as a locomotive can be seen with its smokebox nearest to the camera. However, it is in fact most likely a 'motor' or 'push-pull' train which has the locomotive permanently fixed to one end of the coaching stock whilst at the other end a carriage with a driving compartment has been fitted. This allows the train to shuttle backwards and forwards with the driver changing ends according to the direction of travel in the manner we are accustomed to with diesel or electrically powered rolling stock. The fireman would remain in the cab to stoke the fire and to operate any other equipment required to operate the train.