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Aston Shed: lnwra2306

Schematic showing the 1930 layout of Aston shed including coal stack, coaling stage and turntable

Schematic showing the 1930 layout of Aston shed including coal stacks, coaling stage and turntable. In between each of the roads that lay between the shed and the Stechford line coal was stacked in designated areas. In time the coal would decay in quality if left in one place so it was very important that the coal was used up in rotation. Coal would be purchased and stored in summer months when it was considerably cheaper. During the winter period the coal would be loaded into wagons and then transported to the coal stage which had one track higher than another. The coal wagons were placed on the higher of the two tracks so that off-loading the coal into the tender or bunker of a locomotive would be easier. The coal stage had a 60,000 gallon tank overhead which provided shelter to the men when coaling. This was demolished as part of the work to modernise the shed in the 1930s and a new tank was built. The offices, stores and workshops were located at the rear of the shed adjacent to Long Acre Road.