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LMS Route: Grand Junction Railway
LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield
LMS Route: Birmingham-Soho-Perry Barr-Birmingham

Windsor Street Goods Station: lnwra3268

A 1970 view of the loading dock to Windsor Street goods station which was built by the LNWR in 1880

A 1970 view of the loading dock to Windsor Street Goods Station which was built by the LNWR in 1901. The Goods Station had a large underground bonded warehouse.

Dave Rock writes, 'My Dad worked for the LMS and he had to liaise with Customs & Excise & the major breweries. He told me some stories about his work there and tales of broken bottles. All the guys there had tea strainers to filter out the glass into their private bottles to bring home. If the Excise people were involved during breakages it had to be poured down the drain in their presence. Once he brought home some whisky which was clear and had not been matured. It was liquid dynamite as it was a very high proof. I remember him just covering the bottom of a glass with it and then topping up the rest of the glass with dry ginger!!! Happy days. Christmas was also a good time for him as the breweries would give him and his colleagues lots of bottles. Our house was a "'pub at home' during this time.'