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LMS Route: Grand Junction Railway
LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield
LMS Route: Birmingham-Soho-Perry Barr-Birmingham

Aston Shed: lnwra3276b

Close up showing an unidentified ex-LMS 2-6-0 2F Mogul and an ex-MR 0-6-0 3F locomotive

Close up showing the shed's breakdown van on the right, an unidentified ex-LMS 2-6-0 2F Mogul and an unidentified ex-MR 0-6-0 3F locomotive in the centre. Hidden in the gloom of the shed are several ex-LMS designs. Henry 'George' Ivatt, who was the LMS' last Chief Mechanical Engineer, designed the Class 2 2-6-0 locomotive for light mixed traffic to replace elderly 0-6-0s locomotives which historically had formed the backbone of the low-powered locomotives within the LMS locomotive fleet. The 2-6-0s, with their greater range (their tender held 3,000 gallons of water and 4 tons of coal), were well-suited to their task and, following attention to draughting problems by both Derby and Swindon, quickly became a success. Further engines of this type were built as the BR Standard Class 2-6-0 2MT, these locomotives having BR standard fittings and a modified cab and tender profile to allow completely unrestricted route availability; both the LMS and BR 2MT Moguls are often referred to by the affectionate nickname 'Mickey Mouse'.