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LMS Route: Coventry Loop Line

Foleshill Railway: lnwrcll3246

A 1944 Ordnance Survey map showing Gosford Green goods yard and the British Oxygen Company's sidings

A 1944 OS map of Gosford Green goods yard and the sidings adjacent to the British Oxygen Company. As stated earlier, these sidings were used to shunt traffic from the direction of Three Spires Junction into and out of Gosford Green Yard. The map information states that it was actually revised in 1938 but published in circa 1944. Brin's Oxygen Company, Ltd. was formed in 1886, by two French brothers, Arthur and Leon Brin. In 1906, the Brin brothers renamed the company as the British Oxygen Company or BOC. During the World War I business increased significantly as the mass production of needed war machinery - ships, tanks and trucks - involved either metal cutting or welding. In the post-war period, it grew by acquisitions; which included Sparklets Ltd, Allen-Liversidge Ltd and the Quasi-Arc Company.