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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Coventry Station: lnwrcov3151

LMS 4-6-0 5XP Patriot Class No 5529 'Sir Herbert Walker KCB' stands at platform 2 on a down express service

LMS 4-6-0 5XP Patriot class No 5529 'Sir Herbert Walker KCB' stands at platform 2 on a down express service. Built by Crewe works in April 1933, No 5529 received its first name by October 1937. It was when the locomotive was rebuilt with a Stanier 2A tapered boiler in July 1948 that the locomotive acquired its second name 'Stephenson' which it carried until February 1964 when the locomotive was withdrawn from 16B Annesley shed to be scrapped by Crewe works. There were fifty-two members of the Patriot class designed under the auspices of Sir Henry Fowler, CME to the LMS, to fulfill the function of a secondary class of express passenger locomotives. The first member of the class was built in 1930 whilst the last member was built in 1934. William Stanier, the then new CME of the LMS, continued the building of the 5XP type locomotives but to his new Jubilee class design. The Patriot class design was based on the chassis of the then new Royal Scot class but combined with the smaller boiler from the rebuilt Claughtons locomotives, earning them the nickname Baby Scots. All of the Patriot class locomotives were withdrawn from service by 1965. Between 1946 and 1948 eighteen of the class were rebuilt with the Stanier 2A boiler, cab and tender, although in reality these were accountancy rebuilds the rebuilt locomotive having very little of the original locomotive incorporated into its design.