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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton

LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield

LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Soho and Perry Barr

Curzon Street Station: lnwrcs601

View of the London & Birmingham's Curzon Street station with the departure platform on the right

A lithograph of the passenger side of Curzon Street station soon after opening. The view is from the engine shed end with the frontage building at the back. Unfortunately, the artist's abilities to represent perspective are somewhat lacking. If allowance is made for his defects, the picture gives a good appreciation of what the L & B station looked like when it first opened and provide an illustration of how similar early railway carriages were to stage coaches. There are six lines under the train shed roof, with the departure stage on the right and the arrival stage on the left. The station buildings are located along the departure platform and there is a physical space or open courtyard between the train shed and the hotel building. The wall on the far left (behind the arrival cab yard) marked the then southern boundary of the company's land. After closure to passengers, the train shed roofs were eventually incorporated into the goods shed. The carrying of luggage on top of the railway carriage was another stage coach practice adopted by the railways until the early 1860s.

Richard Foster