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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Harborne

Harborne Station: lnwrh68

Looking towards Birmingham as a four-carriage commuter train arrives at Harbornes single platform terminus

Looking towards Birmingham as a four-carriage commuter train arrives at Harborne's single platform terminus before the outbreak of World War One. This view, although taken after 1911, epitomises the classic Edwardian LNWR suburban scene. The station is immaculately clean with the platform furniture neatly sited and complemented by the many posters on the wall advertising primarily the LNWR's services. The track work is in pristine condition without a trace of litter or track side debris. Most articles on the branch date the above photograph as being 1911 or later on the basis that a second platform had been built in 1901 and removed by 1911. Reg Instone of the LNWR Society writes, 'the photograph shows a Birmingham District 4-coach set train, in fact one of the cove roof type so one of sets 1 to 30 built in 1904 and 1906. The coaching stock comprises, Brake third leading - 7 compartment tri-compo - 8 compartment 2/3 compo (all third after 1912) - brake third. If the engine is indeed a 2-4-0 then it will be one of 10 'chopper' tanks in the non-motor-fitted series numbered in the 2234 to 2280 number range.' Reg continues, 'The Saxby & Farmer design signal cabin remained in use until about 1928 (replacement authorised by LMS Traffic Comm minute 1411 of Oct 1927), and there were few other alterations after 1908 so it is difficult to date this photo. It seems to have a pre-1914 "feel" to it, though - and that was the heyday of the picture postcard.'