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LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Kenilworth Station: lnwrk167colour

A colourisation by David P Williams of the original black and white photograph showing ex-LNWR 3P 4-4-0 Precursor class No 25319 'Bucephalus' stands at Kenilworth's down platform with a Leamington to Coventry local passenger service circa 1938. Harry Jack, note railway author writes, 'the station nameboard 'Kenilworth' with black letters would have been on a yellow ochre base rather than white. I saw lots of LMS (ex-LNWR) boards in the older style – white letters on a black background – but those repainted by the LMS with black letters always had a yellow background'. Built as LNWR NO 990 at Crewe works in April 1906, No 25319 was renumbered by the LMS twice, first in July 1927 as No 5319 and again before February 1937 - when a Stanier Black 5 took over the number - as No 25319, which it did not retain for too long as it was withdrawn from service in December 1940.

Original photograph from Gordon Coltas' collection is below: