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LMS Route: Leamington to Weedon

Napton & Stockton Station: lnwrn&s1318a

Close up of Napton & Stockton station's down platform showing the steps down from the road and access to the platform

Close up of image 'lnwrn&s1318' showing Napton & Stockton station's down platform and the steps down from the road and passenger access to the platform. The solid raised structure seen between the two platforms in the foreground was provided as a short cut for station staff a common feature prevalent at many stations in the country. The boarding seen just a few feet further on past the solid structure covered the rodding from a ground frame within the main station building on the up platform. This controlled the signals and the points in the goods yard which was located just beyond the bridge and a 90° return to change the direction of the rodding to run parallel with the down platform is just evident. The platforms at Napton & Stockton were built from timber framing and covered in planking laid at 90° to the running lines, a typical LNWR cost saving practice seen on many rural lines and first introduced in the latter part of the 19th century.