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Rugby Station: lnwrrm1533a

A train indicator which showed the time of the next two trains and ay which section of the up platform

Close up of image 'lnwrmr1533' showing the train indicator which informed passengers of the time of the next two trains and what part of the platform they will arrive at. Rugby's long platforms were designed to accommodate two trains simultaneously and therefore passengers needed to be advised as to which train was standing at the front of the platform and which was at the rear. Therefore the top clock and indicator arm is pointing to the rear (Nuneaton) end of the long platform indicating that the 2:00pm train is the Sunny South Express stopping at Willesden, Brighton and Eastbourne, whilst the lower clock and arm is pointing to the London end of the up platform indicating that the next train is a Euston only express service leaving at 1:44pm. Note the handbell placed on top of the steps and the spelling of Euston with the 'E' looking very like the '£' sign.

In the distance, on the corner beneath the 'Cloakroom' sign is a spiral staircase. Stephen Weston writes, 'this staircase leads up to the footbridge which crossed the up platform and lines which went to the Lodge and I think the signal box too.'