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LMS Route: Rugby to Wolverhampton
LMS Route: Rugby to Leamington
LMS Route: Rugby to Tamworth
LMS Route: Rugby to Leicester
LMS Route: Rugby to Market Harborough

Rugby Station: lnwrrm872b

Close up showing Rugby No 5 signal cabin in the foreground and the signal works in the background

This close up of image "lnwrrm872" shows Rugby No 5 signal cabin in the foreground and the signal works in the background. During the 1930s economic recession the railways were compelled to focus upon reducing costs and one method was to rationalise signalling. Rugby No 6 signal cabin was a tiny cabin on the down side of the line near to the Wood Street yard and Rugby's No 5 cabin. It was replaced by adding extra levers in a new frame in Rugby's No 5 cabin which could be accommodated within the existing structure because the LMS levers were spaced closer than in a LNWR frame. Robert Hendry, a renowned railway author living in Rugby, recounted to Stephen Weston of the LNWR Society of how they installed the new frame on the other side of the cabin to the old one without closing the box. Access to the three -storey signal cabin was via a steep dog-legged staircase due to the height of the box and the limited space available. Half-way up the staircase was the toilet whilst in front were two permanent way huts, one in corrugated sheeting and the other a more modern brick built structure with a flat roof. The coal lying in front of the buffers was purloined from passing locomotives to feed the fire in the corrugated mess hut.