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LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield

Sutton Coldfield Station: lnwrsc2407

View of one of the carriages twisted and distorted following their derailment

View of one of the carriages and its bogie, twisted and distorted following their derailment. All of the coaches except the 10th were derailed to the outside of the curve between the platforms. The engine and tender were overturned and there was heavy damage to the rolling stock which included the destruction of the first (which was crushed between the engine and the second carriage), fourth (which was knocked into the air causing it to drag along the station roof, damaging both the roof and the platforms to either side) and the fifth coaches. There was also considerable damage to both the platforms and to the tracks between them, and a part of the Down platform awning was carried away.

The above information is derived from the report supplied courtesy of Railways Archive.