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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Station: mrb1485

An Edwardian view of Bournville station looking in the direction of New Street station with the main buildings on the up platform

An Edwardian view of the station, probably taken in 1904, when it officially became known as Bournville. Previously it had been known as Bournville and Stirchley Street. The main buildings on the up platform are probably as built in 1885, when the station was upgraded to a main line one with two platforms. The down platform was necessarily narrow because the canal was so near, and only a basic shelter was provided. Passengers for the down line could, of course, have waited in the up waiting room until their train was due, and then crossed the line by the subway to catch it. A new tram service between Cotteridge and central Birmingham via Stirchley, beginning in 1904, was serious competition, and the number of passengers using Bournville station would start to fall.

John Dews