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LMS Route: Birmingham West Suburban Railway

Bournville Station: mrb478

Looking south from Bournville station with Maryvale Road bridge in the foreground on Monday 10th June 1963

View from Bournville station looking south, with the bridge carrying Maryvale Road in the foreground, taken on Monday 10th June 1963. The steps on the right are part of a link to Bournville Lane, as well as giving access to the up platform. The fencing and lights look modern and well maintained. Bournville signal box can be seen in the distance, with a lower quadrant signal in the off position nearby. The trees in leaf, to the left of the box, mark the far bank of the Birmingham to Worcester canal. The houses between them are in Cotteridge. Just out of sight things were changing, the engine shed having closed in 1960 and the Lifford branch in 1962. The engine shed site was being redeveloped as warehousing.

John Dews